Roost features a line of modern home furnishings and accessories that emphasize accessible and livable design.  Roost utilizes authentic materials and finishes that are contemporary without being hard-edged.  The majority of Roost products are designed by a small group of design associates and the finished pieces are truly handmade, small craft production.  Their line includes furniture, lighting, vases, candleholders, home textiles, baskets, stone, wood, wax and botanicals.  



 well-designed*modern lines*original*affordable*fresh*interesting*natural materials*organic shapes 

Brass and Cord Pendant 


Starburst Shaped Lighting


Palm Leaf Pendant Light

$1200.00 - $1300.00

 Galvanized Iron

$500.00 - $598.00

Hand-Blown Glass


Hide-on Leather


Repurposed Wine Bottles


100% Wool Fill


Hide-on Leather


Industrial Lighting


Recycled Aluminum